Monday, April 18, 2011

My Room with a View

For our week in Portugal, we are staying in a fabulous hotel called the Hotel Tivoli. It is amazing in every way. They have several around the world and I would highly recommend them if you ever need a place to stay the night.They are modern and clean and serve amazingly huge breakfasts every morning. What is not to love?

Plus they have extremely handsome men who work at the front desk and remember your name. After I had first arrived, I went back downstairs to ask how to hook up the internet in the room. One in particular greeted me by saying, "Well hello Sarah. How is your room?"

In which I replied, "My room is perfect, thank you. Would you like to dance with me in the lobby?"

Only half of that is true.

Of course this would be incredibly romantic if he only memorized MY name but I am almost certain it is part of his job description and I am sure my  40+ colleagues have received the same treatment.

Darn it.

Anyway, here is a small tour for you. Wendi and I are living it up on the 15th floor (they have a floor 0 here). It is pretty spectacular!

Pay no attention to me in the mirror. I tried to stand like the Pioneer Woman does in all of her hotel pics but I just looked lopsided.

Our bathroom is beautiful! It is a dark marine blue with white and silver accents. I could live in there.

And here is the Tejo River that runs into the sea. The bridge in the background is one of the longest in the world. And those white dots you see hovering above the ground are little gondolas that go up and down the coast so you can a better view of the water and the coastline.

I am pretty sure I have a better view than they do!

Just to the right of this picture is the Oceanarium and it is said to rival that of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

This is the view to the left side of our window. We are in the very modern, trendy part of the city. And that bridge in the background is part of the long bridge that goes over the river/ocean above.

We began the conference this afternoon and I managed to sneak in a few one-liners. And I may or may not have worn sequins. Afterward, after I climbed the 16 flights of stairs from Hades, I found myself with no dinner plans so I went down to the hotel restaurant and sat by the window watching the people hurry by in the pouring rain. I felt very introspective and European which doesn't happen often for this extroverted, wanna-be cowgirl. And I also enjoyed the most glorious meal of a Greek salad followed by creme brulee. My boss and his wife joined me for dessert and we didn't leave the restaurant until 10:15. A stellar evening in every way.

Tomorrow is our first full day of the conference. We have Associates here from five countries and volunteers from several states. They are an amazing group of people so I know my tap routine has to be spot-on tomorrow!

Talk to you later!

Oh, P.S. My spellcheck only works in Portuguese. If you see a typo, feel free to contact my agent.


  1. Wow wow wow wow wow! Now I know you can't possibly want to come back. Lizzy

  2. Tell your "boss and his wife" to be sure and behave while in Porgugal. (I know they can get out of hand.) Oh and send them a hug from me!

  3. I'm envious beyond belief . . . though I would be less disciplined and take the lift. You are a paragon of exercising discipline. Let everyone know it. I'm so glad you had a little I time. Keep soaking in all the goodness that is Portugal.

  4. I love it!!!! :)

    Have so much fun, Seester!

    Love you, Claire

  5. AnonymousMay 27, 2011

    I am choosing to believe that the part of that statement that's true is "Would you like to dance with me in the lobby?" and I want to know how it turned out :) Can you tell I'm a hopeless romantic?!

    Mandy <><